Let It Go.

I just love it when I start feeling super shitty and insecure and nobody can help me out at all or will even try . Fucking awesome . I guess I’ll just wallow in fucking self pity because I’m so used to these ups and downs . God dammit, can someone fix my face and body and personality and EVERYTHING ?

Hey, Hi, How are ya’ ?

I just want to walk up to you, rip your extensions out of your head and say something along the lines of “When I’m 18, I may still be fat, but atleast I won’t be pregnant like you, whore” then, I would proceed to spit in your face and add a little something similar to “What’s all that money going towards now ? You can’t get a boob job, nose job, AND an abortion, barbie” .

Oh, really ?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you are allowed to love your own body, infact, I ENCOURAGE that . BUT, shaming someone elses body is JUST as bad as shaming your own . So, shut the FUCK up, and choke on cock, bitch . Who fucking cares ? If it isn’t yours, you don’t have to deal with it . Some people like big tits, some like small tits . Some people love a HUGE ass to grab onto and others find it repulsive . All it takes is rolls and curves to get off for some guys and others like bones . Don’t SPEAK unless you’re FUCKING ASKED . That’s what a woman is good for and I guaruntee you, that no matter what shape or size you are, if you stay in your fucking place, a man will love you, no matter what . I am a woman and I believe that as a woman, I have a job . That job being, to take care of my partner and eventually children . THAT’S what it takes to keep a man around, not a “nice body” which to you, is only limited to a flat ass, small tits, and a boyish figure . Well, I don’t know who you’ve been around, but I know alot of guys who would take ME over YOU, any day . And, I’m the bitch with the fucking curves . So, get your shit straight because people DO have opinions that defy yours .

No .

I love when someone posts something on Facebook, that they’ve previously found on tumblr, and that same thing just so happens to pop up on my dashboard . It’s like their entire life is in my hands . I could easily tell the entire world of facebook that they are UNORIGINAL, COPYWRITING, LIARS ! D:< But, I don’t . I watch them get those 20, 30, 40 likes and as I do, I think of which level of hell their corpse will rot in for commiting such a terrible deed . Stealing the thoughts, the words, the very SOUL of fellow bloggers without ANY intention of acreditting the owner of the idea . You’re all sick, malicious, bastardous, VULTURES . You all disgust me .

I don’t get it …

If you’re posting pictures of yourself, complaining about how fat and disgusting you are, then WHY are you using tags such as ”thin”, “skinny”, “eating disorder”, ”ana”, “mia”, “thinspo”, ect . Instead of bitching, maybe you should get your boney ass into a rehabilitation center . Fuck .